Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friends from Cuba are here for a visit...

Dear Friends of Cuba,

Thanks for continuing to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Cuba.  These last few months in Cuba, have been filled with Vacation Bible School events, youth camps, sports events, and retreats.
Loli, Mabel, Alicita, Elena, Va. at MIA
Mabel, Alicita, Blanco, Va., Jose Enrique at MIA
Loli, Alicita,, Va., Delvis, Mabel in Kendall
David, Daniel, Alicita, Mabel, & Fran (sitting) in Kendall
Several of our friends were given permission to travel to the USA this summer.  A group of our friends are participating in conferences being held at South West Baptist Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.  We thank God for His Provision. 
Steve, Va., Abdiel, Mabel, Rene in West Palm Beach
Jimmy & Abdiel at the beach baptism

Our friends Elena, Alicia, Jose Enrique, Ruben, Abdiel, Delvis arrived at MIA, last Thursday, and we were able to visit with them.  Abdiel had an opportunity to preach at Oasis de Amor Church, in West Palm Beach, on Sunday.  Later that afternoon, he attended FBCWPB’s beach baptism with us.  We are thankful for JC and Loli hosting Abdiel in their home while he was here. 
Loli, Va., & Dr. Victor Samuel Gonzalez in West Palm Beach
Dr. Victor Samuel Gonzalez, Nidia, Mabel in West Palm Beach
It was our pleasure to spend time with Dr. Victor Samuel Gonzalez, former president of the Western Cuban Baptist Convention of Churches this week.  Dr. Victor Samuel is an oncologist and leads Ve y Dilo Ministries, spreading the gospel of Christ all throughout Cuba.  Nidia treated us to a delicious lunch at her home while Victor Samuel was here. 

For those of you who would like to partner with us and provide ‘school supplies’ for our Fall 2013  trip, the office supply stores have begun their annual sales!  We will be collecting school supplies, now until August 31st!

Starting Sunday, for example, STAPLES is promoting spiral notebooks for 1 cent.

 If you are a teacher, STAPLES offers special options to purchase 25 of the same item at the 1 cent sale price.  Be sure to check that out! 

Label the items, ‘Cuba-Virginia Hansen’ and drop them off in the ‘bins for Cuba’ located conveniently in classrooms on the third floor of the Developmental Center at First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, and in the Solid Rock Cafe,  OR  leave them at the Security Desk near the Fellowship Hall at FBCWPB.

School Supply Items suggested by our contacts in Cuba—Collecting now through August 31st

Flash Drives 4g & 8g                            Paint Sets               Foam Craft Sheets                Pencil/Pen Case
Colored Construction Paper              Scissors                  Glue guns& sticks                 Scotch Tape

Permanent Colored Markers (like Sharpies)                  Pocket Folders                     Backpacks              Glue

Colored Pencils                    Colored Markers non-permanent                   Post-it notes          Spiral Notebooks

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